Irish Match 2023

The Irish Match 2023 will be held on April 2nd & 3rd, at Barassie Golf Club.

2022 Roganstown GC

The Mary McKenna Perpetual Trophy
Senior Ladies International Match
Ireland v Scotland

The 20th Match between Ireland & Scotland was played at Roganstown Country Club on
the 27th & 28th March 2022, in beautiful warm sunshine…
This highly anticipated 2- day event had been postponed from March 2020, and with
both teams excited to be back after a two year absence, the match was played once
again with competitive spirit and friendly rivalry…
After Day 1, Ireland had a 4-0 lead. The 4-ball matches were extremely closely fought
with 3 games going down the 18th
But, despite a hard fought Singles session on Day 2, with Scotland winning the singles
5-3…. Ireland was triumphant overall – With a winning score of 7-5.

SVLGA Champion Elaine Moffat - Midlands
Alison Davidson - Midlands
Karen Ferguson Sneddon - East
Anne Hanson - East
Gillian Kyle - West
Lorna McKinlay - Midlands
Susie MacLeod - North
Sheena Wood - North
Reserve: Lesley Lloyd - West
Captain: Fiona de Vries - Midlands


1 Carol Wickham & Suzanne Corcoran 1 up v Karen F. Sneddon & Anne Hanson

2 Gertie McMullen & Maria O’Reilly 2/1 v Sheena Wood & Susie Macleod

3 Margaret McAuliffe & Clodagh Hopkins 1 up v Alison Davidson & Gillian Kyle

4 Laura Webb & Gail Linter 1 up v Elaine Moffat & Lorna McKinlay

Ireland 4 Scotland 0


1 Gail Linter v Gillian Kyle 3/2
2 Clodagh Hopkins v Anne Hanson 3/2
3 Maria O’Reilly 1/2 v Sheena Wood 1/2
4 Margaret McAuliffe v Elaine Moffat 4/3
5 Suzanne Corcoran 2/1 v Susie Macleod
6 Carol Wickham 1/2 v Lorna McKinlay 1/2
7 Laura Webb 6/5 v Alison Davidson
8 Gertie McMullen v Karen Ferguson Sneddon 1up


Irish Match 2022

February 24th 2022

The Team to represent Scotland (SVLGA) v Ireland,
for The Mary McKenna Trophy,
to be held at Roganstown Golf and Country Club, Dublin,
from 26th - 28th March 2022, is as follows:

Alison Davidson - Midlands
Karen Ferguson Sneddon - East
Anne Hanson - East
Gillian Kyle - West
Susie Macleod - North
Lorna McKinlay - Midlands
Elaine Moffat - Midlands & SVLGA Champion
Sheena Wood - North

Lesley Lloyd - Reserve - West

Captain - Fiona de Vries - Midlands

Our very best wishes go to Captain Fiona and the ladies of the Scottish Vets team.

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