Championship Rules (Download)

Rules of Golf
The Championship shall be played in accordance with the R&A Rules of Golf and any Local Rules or Additional Local Rules introduced by the Executive Committee.
The Championship will be run by SVLGA to whom all disputes will be referred and whose decision will be final.
a) The 8 Divisional Champions, will be eligible to compete for the Championship.
b) Each match will consist of 18 holes played to a finish, including any extra holes played in sequence, to decide a winner.
c) In the event of the Divisional Champion being unable to play in the Championship, the runner-up or a semi-finalist may take her place, or other appointed player who played in the Divisional Championship.
Qualifiers for the Championship must register at the SVLGA Registration Desk prior to play in the quarter final.
Inclement Weather or Exceptional Circumstances
If, in the opinion of SVLGA, it becomes impossible to complete the Championship in accordance with the Terms of the Competition, because of adverse weather or other circumstances, SVLGA will make a decision as to how to proceed.
Trophies / Prizes
The prize-giving will take place immediately following the AGM. All trophies awarded at the prize-giving shall be retained by the winners for one year. We would ask the winner to arrange for the trophy to be returned prior to the AGM. The trophy should be engraved and the cost of this will be met by the SVLGA on production of the receipt and confirmation of payment details.
The following policies apply to all SVLGA competitions:
a) Procedures for Bad Weather and Suspension of Play (Rule 5.7b)
b) "A suspension of play for a dangerous situation will be signalled by one prolonged note of the siren. All
other suspensions will be signalled by three consecutive notes of the siren. In either case, resumption of
play will be signalled by two short notes of the siren.”
c) Amateur caddies are permitted.
d) Buggies: Buggies are allowed with advance notification to the SVLGA Secretary. Players must make their own arrangements with the club to book a buggy.
e) The result of a match is final when the result is recorded on the official scoreboard.
f) Images and filming at the Competitions may be taken for media coverage or promotional purposes e.g. website, including social media or publication and these images may be accompanied by personal details such as full name and associated golf club.
a) Neither the host venue nor the SVLGA can be held responsible for any personal injury, loss of or damage to, equipment or personal possessions at competitions.
b) General Data Protection Policy: Any personal contact information requested on entry forms will be used only for the purposes of running the Championship and will be deleted after the competition has taken place. Our Privacy Policy can be found on the SVLGA website.
Trophies and Prize-winners
Scroggie Cup . . . SVLGA Champion
Cecil Leitch Brooch . . Runner-up
Kennaway Quaichs . . Semi-finalists
Note: In addition to the trophy winners there will be SGL vouchers awarded to all prize-winners to the value as agreed by the Committee.